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The Nature Conservation Fund has been established to support field ecologists and biologists working in the field of biodiversity and habitat conservation the Chorla Ghats, which are part of the Western Ghats of India for their work that helps protect these forests.

The Fund supports vital research projects conducted by trained researchers in the field of large mammals, ethno botany herpetofauna (reptiles and amphibians), iconography and documentation of traditional knowledge of biodiversity amongst local communities besides other small projects.

Part of the Fund is also used to conduct capacity building workshops and camps for volunteers and provide basic equipment for forest guards working to protect the forests in the region. Under tremendous pressures from various lobbies of vested interests, the data collected from these projects goes towards protection of the forests of this region and helps raise awareness amongst local communities as well as the policy makers.

If you feel within your heart that the habitats that surround our very forests and beyond need to be conserved for posterity and the work being carried out is making a difference, please consider helping us in our endeavor to document the vast biodiversity of this region and generate interest for the conservation of the same.

Your help in any way is vital, and would go a long way for the work that we do and such we do not want to define the way you could help, rest assured that it would reach grass root level conservation initiatives in this region.

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Nirmal Kulkarni


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