Flipbook on Lesser Mammals

A Flipbook on Lesser Mammals of Goa a photo documentation endeavour

The project was started with an objective to create a flipbook on the lesser mammals of Goa. The flipbook will contain photographs and basic information like latin names, local names, size and weight, conservation status and threats, population trend, etc. about the different species of lesser mammals. The flipbook can be used as a pocket size field guide for identification of various species of small mammals found in Goa.

As the existing documentation on lesser mammals of Goa is scarce, this project would help to build some concrete data, which can be used for educational, and awareness purposes.

Camera traps and Digital SLRs are used for photo documentation. Secondary evidences like footprints, scats/droppings etc. are also recorded. Global positions of primary and secondary data evidences are recorded using the GPS. Data sheets and reports have been compiled to document the field information.

The work is currently being carried out in the Protected Areas of Goa. Some work has also been done in villages and towns depending upon the presence of lesser mammal species in that area.